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Focus on the 4 basic things you need to quickly grow your business online

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How do you get lots of clients from your online efforts?

It is simple: a compelling offer and a basic launch sequence to get it out there.

Learn how to grow your list of great new customers with my free webinar. I’ll walk you through the FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to make it happen…

Start with the ONE THING you need.

You only need one thing to get lots of clients online: a compelling offer, and a basic launch sequence to get it out there — growing your list of great new customers.

In this free online training, I’ll walk you through FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to make it happen…


Create a dead simple offer that’s right for your business, and learn how to make it irresistible to your ideal clients.


Set up and organize your email list of hot prospects and learn the best ways to grab their attention and follow up.


Learn to leverage social media, as well as other people’s email lists, to spread the word about your awesome offer.


Turn your free or low-cost offer into a higher ticket sale, and set up your back end systems to capture the cash.

You will get…

A simple way to get launched online

Wondering what to do next to grow your business online? We’ll walk through the steps.

Examples of great online offers and opt-ins

I’ll show you plenty of attention-grabbing examples of offers, opt-in forms, email copy, and more.

Real-world recommendations

Where to go for your domains, email lists, online payment systems, and more.

You will learn…


The Easiest No-Brainer Offers You Can Start With Right Now

And how easier is actually better.


The #1 Secret to Grabbing Attention

How to write headlines and copy that get through to the clients you want and compel them to click.

The Basic Customer Experience Funnel

How your business turns interest into income (and where most people miss opportunities for sales).









This webinar is a preview of Aligned Online’s 4-week program, “Get Launched Online” — where you’ll get the simple training, secret tricks, exclusive resources, and the structure and support you need to put together a strategic offer and watch it take off!

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Hi. I’m Parker Bennett.

I’m the Founder of Aligned Online. For over 25 years, I’ve been writing, designing, and building brands. I’ve worked at major ad agencies, and written for magazines, movies and TV. I’ve helped create websites for Lionsgate, Universal, and Sony Pictures, and more recently for The Redford Center.


Today’s technologies offer unparalleled opportunities for small businesses to reach a wide audience. My goal is to help entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of succeeding online, and how to use the best tools that exist today to get going quickly and more effectively.


If you’d like to discuss how Aligned Online can help you with your business goals, please schedule a call.

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