Codeside Assistance

Every week, Aligned Online has an open group support call for our clients, where we dig in and help with whatever they need. Topics include using WordPress, SquareSpace, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, marketing strategy, social media, and more.

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Codeside Assistance for 6-23 – Adding Outgoing Email Addresses, Email and Hosting Plans, Marketing a Package

This week we show how to add different outgoing email addresses in Apple Mail and in Gmail, with a hiccup caused by G Suite preferences that were controlled through Wix. We also talk a little strategy for Laura Carson’s photography business.

Codeside Assistance for 5-12 – Pictures in Word, Opt-in Offers, WordPress URL issues

This week we wrangle with Microsoft Word’s text wrap on inserted pictures, discuss opt-in offer strategy and language, look at a URL issue involving www in WordPress settings, and discuss the Divi Builder plugin.

Codeside Assistance for 5-5 – Infusionsoft Order Forms,, PayPal Buttons

This week we show a couple Infusionsoft order form hacks, talk vs., disable a section in Divi, make a PayPal button, and overlay graphics on a video using Screenflow on the Mac.

Codeside Assistance for 3-25 – Vimeo, Leadpages, Akismet, WordPress SEO

This week, we use Vimeo’s privacy settings and LeadPage’s timer widget to limit access to a webinar replay video, look at sizing logos at the top of a landing page and hiding them for mobile, and finally, in WordPress, look at alternatives to Akismet and install and configure the YoastSEO plugin.

Codeside Assistance for 3-10 – WordPress, X-Theme, Facebook Groups

This week, we move a picture in a blog post so that it is the Featured Image displayed in an excerpt, discuss a way to create a low-level membership offer with just a password-protected page, and discuss using a Closed Group in Facebook as a way to more effectively reach people than your business page may be doing.