Marketing that clicks.

At Aligned Online, we help busy companies stop spinning their wheels online — wasting valuable time and marketing budget — and start making a real impact.

We help them find the right strategy, the right technology for their business today, and get everything working together — aligned to make marketing that clicks

  • Build your brand.
  • Pull in prospects.
  • Actually make more money.
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Build Your Brand

What makes your brand stand out? From brand guidance and strategy to full corporate identity packages, we’re here to help you cut through the clutter and connect with your ideal customers.

Pull in Prospects

Befuddled by funnels? We’ll help you get the right pieces in place, aligned, so you can work less and earn more, starting with a simple funnel that converts interested prospects into high-paying customers.

Make More Money

Are you planning for profit? Is it easy for people to buy (and for you to sell)? When it’s time to build a website that does more than just look good, we’re here to help.

“One of the single biggest assets I’ve had in my business. Before I worked with Aligned Online, my online presence was a mess. Today, I am so proud to send people to the site... and over a million people have had a chance to check it out!”

Randy Becker

NexTV Entertainment

“I cannot say enough about Aligned Online. Parker is brilliant, not only as a designer and a techie, but he has a keen understanding of marketing and languaging. He has a gift for taking people’s mushy ideas and molding them into precise marketing genius. So work with him. Seriously, do yourself a favor!”

Kim Wimmer

The Invincible Artist


I’m Parker Bennett, the Founder of Aligned Online. For over 30 years, I’ve been writing, designing, and building brands. I’ve worked at major ad agencies, and written for magazines, movies and TV. I’ve helped create websites for Lionsgate, Universal, and Sony Pictures, and more recently have helped clients like TED, LTSE, and The Redford Center.

Today offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to reach a wide audience online. My goal is to help entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals for success, and how to use the best tools to get going quickly and most effectively.

If you’d like to learn how Aligned Online can help you with your business goals, please schedule a call.

Get clear. Get clients. Get going online.